Tysons Corner West Park Transit Station Expected To Close

west park transit station in tysons cornerAccording to the Fairfax County Transit Development Plan, the Tysons Corner West*Park Transit Station will cease operation when the Silver Line starts operating. The transit station is located across from the Fountains at McLean at the corner of Jones Branch Drive and Spring Hill Road.

A proposed plan for the site is converting it into a bus garage for the new Tysons Link bus service. The new Tysons Link bus service is planned to help ferry residents from the surrounding communities into Tysons Corner for work and to the Silver Line for metrorail access. The West*Park transit station seems to be the preferred choice as a hub for those buses based on the low cost (the County already owns the land), the central location and easy access.

The location would not be a heavy maintenance facility – is it more thought of as a bus garage with facilities for driver check-in and parking.