West Falls Church Rail Yard Construction

constructionIf you live near the rail yard at the West Falls Church Metro you are probably aware of the planned construction and changes taking place within the yard. As part of the Silver Line construction, the rail yard will temporarily house the new trains and wagons used for that line (not until 2016 will the Silver Line open its own rail yard.)

Also, there is a stream restoration project going on that will remove many of the trees shielding the nearby homes from the rail yard noise. Many of the trees will likely be replanted but it will take a while for the vegetation to recover.

Of even larger concern is probably a planned electrical substation in the immediate area near McKay street  (more power is needed to power the new Silver Line – 2 new substations have been proposed.) 

Map of Rail Yard
Rail Upgrades Presentation
Washington Post Article 1
Washington Post Article 2
 Lemon Road Civic Association