Done Signing!

Thank you for signing the documents electronically. The document will now be routed to any additional signers, if any.

When completed, you will receive another email with a link and/or attachment to what you just signed. If all parties to the contract has signed, we have a ratified enforceable contract.

If there are still signatures or initials needed, there likely is no contract yet, just an offer. 

With a contract to purchase, the contract often contains contingencies that may allow the the purchaser to modify or void the contract in certain circumstances.

With a ratified signed lease the tenant typically will have no contingencies and is accepting the rental as-is unless the landlord has promised in writing to make specific repairs or improvements.


A couple of notes about offers, counteroffers and acceptance:

  1. An offer or a counteroffer can be withdrawn at any time up until it is accepted by the other side.
  2. If you make a counteroffer, the initial offer is no longer valid.
  3. You cannot go back and accept the initial offer from the other side if your counteroffer does not work out. Instead, it will be a new offer the other party may or may not accept.