Idylwood Towers Market Update and 2020 Outlook

Real estate sales did well at Idylwood Towers in 2019. Prices were stable and well kept units sold at good prices. The 29 homes that sold took on average of 40 days to sell at 97.8% of the original asking price.  

Sold at Idylwood Towers

Based on the 2019 averages you could expect a 1 bedroom units to sell for about $190,000, 2 bedrooms for around $250,000 and 3 bedroom/2 bath units right above $300,000.

For Sale and Pending at Idylwood Towers

In 2020 the overall market in the Tysons Corner area is doing well so far . Idylwood Towers is doing great with rising asking prices and low inventory. As can be seen from the below graph the prices still have room to grow before reaching the 2005/2006 levels.

The rental market at Idylwood Towers is also slowly appreciating. There are a lot of new apartment complexes in the Tysons Corner area and that keeps the rents from appreciating too much. 38 units rented via BrightMLS in 2019. They took on average 41 days to rent at 98.5% of the original asking price.

Idylwood Towers is a wonderful community with great amenities in a fantastic location. The units are large and prices affordable. If you would like to discuss buying or selling at Idylwood Towers, give us a call at 703 861-0845.

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