Intelligent Office Call Information

Call Handling

  • Calls regarding purchasing a home, selling a home, questions about sold prices, real estate market and postcards received
    Try to reach Are Andresen on cellphone at 703 861-0845. If not answering, ask if they want to leave a voicemail or take a message.
  • Questions on Homes currently Listed for Rent or Sale
    For simple inquiries see the list of currently Active and Pending and recently Rented homes here or to the right. Ask about the property address and answer simple questions on price and bedrooms etc.If the home is not on the list or they want additional information beyond just price and bedrooms, forward the call to Are Andresen mobile 703 861-0845.
  • Scheduling a showing of a home FOR SALE
    Ask if they are currently represented by an agent. If they say yes, say they should have their agent schedule the showing. If they say no, forward the call to Are Andresen mobile (703) 861-0845
  • Scheduling a showing of a home FOR RENT
    Ask if they are currently represented by an agent. If they say yes, say they should have their agent schedule the showing. If they say no, ask the person calling the list of questions and ask for when they would like to see the home (6hr notice minimum.)If anyone complains about the list of questions, please tell them that Fair Housing requires Soldsense to ask everyone the same questions. At the end of the call tell them an agent will get back to them to confirm the showing.
  • Calls asking for Are Andresen or Liezel Dsouza by name
    Typically former or current clients or agents from other real estate companies. Forward to our cellphones.
  • General Solicitation Calls
    Asking for the owner of the business, trying to sell services, asking for the owner of the business etc take down their contact information and forward via email.
  • Other or don’t know
    Forward to our cellphones.If seems urgent, first try Are cellphone then Liezel then take message and Email Are and Liezel.


7 Questions To Ask Prospective Renters
(will make this an online form that can be submitted.)

Get Name and contact number for prospect and which property they are called about (list of properties to the right.)

1) When are you looking to rent
(right away, a specific date ?

2) How long of a lease are you looking for?
Minimum 12 months, prefer longer.

3) How many persons will reside in the property ?
Generally 2 per bedroom.

4) What is the credit of each adult
fair 600 -, good 600+ , excellent 680+
If no or bad credit ask why. If no SSN, ask why.

5) Do you have a rental history?
(prior landlords)

6) What is the total household gross income?
(how much, full-time/part-time, salary or commission) ? Yearly total rent should typically be no more than 33% of 1 year gross household income.

7) Any pets and type and size?

After getting all the info ask them when would be some good times to see the home and that someone will call back to schedule.

Rental General Info
There is a $40 application fee per adult which is due before the application can be processed.

Only permitted residents are those on the application and lease. Additional unapproved residents will result in a default of the lease.

Owner requires that you do not have current outstanding late payments or judgments. Your credit, past rental history and employment will be verified.

Please note that good credit is very crucial to your application. If you have outstanding late payments or judgments, this will negatively impact your application