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I first listed my condo in early 2006 using a Realtor that did not guide me in the right direction. The condo was listed for close to 6 months – three open houses did not help (nobody came for the open houses.) I then I took it off the market and relisted it after 3 months (through the same Realtor) and still the same situation continued. I then came to know about Are Andresen and listed through him. To my surprise, there were 27 showing in the first month and two offers. I could ratify a contract of my choice within 2 months of the listing. Not only just doing the listing, he guided me and helped me each and every step of the process, such as fixing the house etc. I mean literally he helped my by bringing his tool set! He was there whenever I had any questions. I wish I had used the services of Are Andresen earlier. If he is your Realtor, listen to him and you will sell your house in no time!

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Are Andresen

Are Andresen is the principal broker owner of Soldsense Realty LLC. He is also an experienced property investor and help clients find and manage properties in Northern Virginia.