5 Reasons Soldsense Rocks

Soldsense Realty LLC was founded in 2008 by Are Andresen and Liezel D’souza. Our motivation was that having our own brokerage would give us more flexibility and provide full control of the buying and selling process for our clients.

Our unique background and personalities manifests themselves in the following qualities:

1. Efficiency
Our engineering and technology background helps us keep the process streamlined and efficient by supplementing our personal touch with technology whenever we can. We use automatic searches and emails as well as electronic forms and signatures to save everyone time and to keep things legible and organized. It also saves an incredible amount of paper. We are available via email, SMS and phone and are always ready to address your concerns and questions expeditiously.

2. Experience
When you are done working with us, you will know a lot more about the real estate process. Knowledge is power, and, by us sharing our experience and knowledge you will gain a great advantage in the process. We will guide and advise you, and then let you take your own decision without pressure. Nobody knows what is best for your family like you do. The more relevant information you have access to, the better decision you will make.

3. Honesty
We are not high pressure sales personalities. We will never ask “what will it take to have you walk out of here with a house today”… We take great pride in the knowledge that our clients have ended up in homes that suited their lifestyle needs. Rest assured that we would rather lose a client than push anyone into a home they are not ready to purchase. We will tell you what we would do in a given situation and then let you decide. You can always expect an honest answer from us.

4. Tenacity
Even though we may advise you against a particular home – once you tell us to “go” we will chase that home down for you! From finding the right home, negotiating the price and closing the deal we will be your greatest advocate and diligently work on your behalf.

5. Enthusiasm
We love real estate and we love helping people finding their dream home! Nothing gets us more excited than a happy new homeowner. While we don’t claim to know everything, we have done this long enough to know that a positive attitude and smile can sometimes make or break a deal.

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